14 days Family Trip to Costa Rica with beaches

Family Trip in Costa Rica with Guanacaste beaches 14 days

If you want to prepare the best and most fun trip for your family and with Rutas Costa Rica you are going to get it. Costa Rica offers endless possibilities for everyone; wildlife, living nature in its most pure condition, fun excursions and beautiful beaches. In these 14 days of family travel, you can see below, we have collected the most beautiful tours and combined them with some days of rest on the beach Potrero in Guanacaste.
The trip is very private, will be adapted to the tastes and needs of your people. This route is suitable for children from the age of six; from there up, it can become a route full of exciting adventures for everyone.
Begins with a good educational introduction in the jaguar rescue center in Puerto Viejo and continues through the Caribbean walking along the beautiful Cahuita national park beaches until you get lost into the Tortuguero canals.
After conquering the Caribbean zone, we take you to the fortune so that you can take a good swim in their waterfalls and explore the forest in search of sloths.

Highlights of this trip:
  • Cahuita National Park
  • Looking for Sloths in La Fortuna
  • Guanacaste beaches
Tour Price
$ 7.675 per family
Private Trip for 2 adults and 2 children

We are flexible with our trips, because you can adapt and customize them to your needs.
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  • Detailed Itinerary

    hotel in San Jose


    Expected arrival at Juan Santamaria International Airport in San Jose. On your arrival, our partner Ivonne welcomes you and gives you the necessary documentation for your trip.
    She will be with you during the transfer to the hotel, which is about 5 minutes from the airport.
    Night at Hampton Inn Suites 4****

    DAY 2. FLIGHT TO TORTUGUERO (Breakfast and Lunch)

    Jaguar Rescue Center

    Today we transfer you to the Caribbean area, early in the morning, you will have a flight that will take you to Limon, in the Limon airport our driver awaits you to transport you to the hotel about one hour by car. We leave you at your hotel to settle and at noon, we pick you up to take you to eat at a restaurant in the village with a typical Caribbean flavor. After lunch, a private tour for the family in the Jaguar Rescue Center awaits you. It will be a guided tour about two hours where you can learn about the job of this center and especially the different animals that are living there.
    Night at Hotel El Encanto Inn or Villas Del Caribe (Family Room)>

    cahuita national park


    At 8:00am, our park guide will be waiting for you at the reception of your hotel to go with you to the entrance and from here begin a walk for about two hours. After this, we leave the afternoon free for you to relax in your hotel.
    Night at Hotel El Encanto Inn or Villas Del Caribe (Family Room)



    Today we transfer you back to Moin near Limon. Our partner go with you to take the boat that will take you to Tortuguero. The transfer by car to Moin is one hour and from Moin to Tortuguero it takes three and a half hours by boat. Departure at 10:00am, arrival at Tortuguero at 1:30pm approx.
    In the evening, we wait for you in the hotel to go to see the turtles nesting.
    Night at Tortuga Beach Bungalow Hotel (4 people)


    tortuguero boat tour

    Today, very early in the morning, our guide awaits you for a trip by boat through the Tortuguero National Park. We will use a paddle canoe that will allow us to go deeper into the canals. First, we will go to the place where the entrance fees to the National Park are already paid and from there we are embarking on a beautiful and quiet adventure through nature.
    It will be about two and a half hours crossing the canals of the Tortuguero National Park. Something unique that you will enjoy with an expert guide.
    Night at Tortuga Beach Bungalow Hotel (4 people)


    la fortuna waterfall

    At the appointed time we will take a flight from Tortuguero to La Fortuna.
    Here in La Fortuna, our partners are waiting for you to take you to the entrance of the waterfalls.
    The waters of El Rio Fortuna and their small affluents that are born in the mountains of the park giving life to El Rio Fortuna Waterfall.
    The descent to the El Rio Fortuna Waterfall consists of 500 steps, through a recently remodeled trail and has rest areas. On your arrival, you will find a spectacular 70 meters high waterfall where you can swim and enjoy (always with caution).
    Night at EL Secreto de La Fortuna 3***

    Sloths in Costa Rica

    DAY 7: SLOTHS TOUR (Breakfast)

    Today, our partners from La Fortuna are waiting for you for a wildlife exploration route in the area of La Fortuna - Arenal.
    This tour is organized to do it at either 6:00am or 2:00pm It is a shred tour with other travelers.
    The Arenal area is well known as for its diverse wildlife and for the two species of sloths: the two finger sloths and the three finger sloths. Other species most sought after for their colors, unique characteristics and history are the multicolored toucan and the frog ¨blue Jeans. In search of these three beautiful animals, our expert guide will take you with other travelers through the beautiful observation areas of La Fortuna, so you will be a witnesses of more wildlife. Birds, iguanas and monkeys are some of the animals you can see.
    Night at EL Secreto de La Fortuna 3***

    DAY 8. TRANSFER TO MONTEVERDE (Breakfast and lunch)

    Gold mine in  Costa Rica

    Breakfast at the hotel and departure to the Monteverde area.
    At 8:00am in the morning, you will go to find the shared bus Jeep Boat Jeep and take you to the shores of Arenal Lake. It will be a transfer about 40 minutes to get the other side of the lake where our guide Victor will waiting for you. Here an experience awaits you through which you will know the history of the life of the Ticos (Costa Ricans).
    Abangares is known as Costa Rica mining canton. This area has the largest gold mine that Costa Rica has ever had. It was there that Minor Cooper Keith set up his gold processing plant "of Gold Fields of Costa Rica".
    During the Gold Fever "in Costa Rica (1884-1931) many people came to this city in search of fortune, some of them came from Jamaica, the Americas, Asia, Europe and Russia, creating a population of multiracial roots that are not present in other cities of Guanacaste. In fact, this immigration of Costa Ricans and people of other nationalities gave rise to the city of Abangares.
    The mines consisted of a large number of tunnels, narrow passages, and galleries to extract metal located 100 meters deep in the earth. With the mines, fields, factories, pharmacies, police stations, jails, coolers and mills were built. Electricity was generated thanks to the industrial technology of Europe and the United States that served not only to generate electricity, but also mainly to extract and process the valuable mineral.
    In 1991, the Ecomuseo of the Abangares Mines was founded in the place where the gold processing plant used to be, on a property of 45 hectares, the rescue of buildings and machinery used at the time of the Gold Fever. The museum has photographs and models characteristic of mining practices. But this is not where we are going to take you because our friend Marvin is going to teach you everything related to this job. You will see the whole area and he will show you first-hand how this mining world still survives and how the gold is worked and extracted from Abangares. 75% of the population of Las Juntas is engaged in mining. Lunch will be ready at home and then we will take you to Monteverde, which is one hour away from Las Juntas. (Arrival to Monteverde about 3:30pm)
    Los Pinos Cabañas y Jardines (family room) It is a very charming lodge within the Monteverde forest (They do not offer breakfasts) they are dedicated only to accommodation. Here is a cafe just in front of the lodge has everything where you can have breakfast. On the other hand, the rooms are equipped with kitchen, you can prepare your own breakfast that you like.

    Canopy in Monteverde

    DAY 9: MONTEVERDE: BRIDGES (Breakfast)

    In the morning, we will take you to a reserve where a tour of the largest suspension bridges in Latin America awaits you.
    In the afternoon you can go to any of the wonderful reserves of Monteverde and enjoy a nice walk
    We will send you information about what to do, different trails... etc.
    Los Pinos Cabañas y Jardines (family room)

    Surf in guancaste


    Around 9:00am, we depart to the Guanacaste beaches. We will take you to the Sugar Beach Resort in the beautiful Potrero beach. Here we leave you a few days to enjoy the resort and the Costa Rican beaches.

    Night at Sugar Beach Resort. Ocean View room for 4 people 4****

    Sugar Beach Resort


    Night at Sugar Beach Resort. Ocean View room for 4 people 4****

    Hotel Inn San Jose


    At the agreed time, we transfer you to Liberia Airport to take the flight to San Jose. In San Jose the hotel transfer awaits you at the domestic airport.

    Night at the hotel Hampton Inn Suites 4****

    Family trip in Costa Rica


    At the recommended time, you will take the shuttle service to the airport for the international flight.

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  • The price of this 14-day trip in Costa Rica with family

    The price of this 14-day trip is a total of $ 7.675. Private trip for 2 adults and 2 children. Shared rooms for 4 people. Most have 2 King Size beds. The children would sleep together.


    • Certified guide for excursions in Puerto Viejo, Tortuguero, La Fortuna and Monteverde.
    • All private transfers except the boat to Moin and transport boat Fortuna - Monteverde
    • Mentioned hotels according to family rooms.
    • Indicated meals. We will recommend you some restaurants
    • Entrances fees for all National Parks
    • Entrances fees activities: Canopy, Bridges, Thermal…
    • Domestic flight San Jose – Limon and Tortuguero – La Fortuna, Liberia – San Jose
    • Internacional travel and cancellation insurance See Coverages


    • International flights
    • Meals and drinks are not indicated before
    • Domestic flight rates (between 2 y 7 usd /person)

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    **This is just an example what a trip really is in Rutas, we will love to customize yours!

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Discover a new way to travel with Rutas Costa Rica!

Travel to Costa Rica with RUTAS

At Rutas Costa Rica, we try to include the best quality-price ratio to accommodate your trip and budget. Not only do we appreciate the proximity of the hotel as well as the flexibility and kindness of their staff, but also that the establishment can be a part of the total trip experience, either by the privileged location or by the particularity of your hosts.

On the other hand, private trips allow us to personalize our tours and choose our own routes. Because of this, we are not bound to fixed schedules so we can adjust them according to the preferences of each traveler.

Traveling in Costa Rica usually takes time as not all roads are asphalted and their maximum allowed speed is usually 80 km/h. From San Jose to Tortuguero, the trip can take about 5-6 hours between car and boat and the same amount of time is needed to go from Tortuguero to La Fortuna. The same is the case with traveling from San Jose to Puerto Viejo de Limon in the Caribbean area of Costa Rica. It usually takes 4-5 hours if we are lucky and don’t find any accident or other problem on the road. We keep such factors in mind in order to make the most of the days and reduce the traveling time as much as possible. Sometimes, we use domestic flights as well as other private transport that allow us to organize the trip and stops just the way we want it.

When there is no choice than to spend a few more hours on the road, we try to make that time pass in the utmost comfort and privacy we can provide. For such journeys, we recommend that you be patient and don’t stop looking through the window as the magnificent green views of the Tico’s landscape might surprise you.

The relationship created with the guide in a private trip is much stronger and enriching than the guide in a group tour. In most of our trips, you will cross national parks, volcanoes, and rivers together with your guide, an expert eco-guide who will tell you many stories about the country.

Our trips include tickets to national parks as well as domestic flights with allowed luggage and international travel insurance.

We are absolutely sure that there is always a possibility to explore a country in another way, even if it is as popular and well-known as Costa Rica. To plan yours, you will need to tell us about your preferences, ideas, and your budget. We will adapt to these factors and design a personalized trip to Costa Rica that you will never forget. You will return home with the unforgettable memories of traveling the beautiful land of the Ticos and your stay there.

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    This is a small country but with great travel offers. Just thinking about crossing interminable nature trails and forests where sometimes you are surprised by the white noise of waterfalls and water splashes.

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  • When should I visit Costa Rica?

    There are two climatic zones in the country, first, we have the central valley area that along with the Pacific watershed have defined a rainy season between May and November and a dry season between December and April.

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  • Is it safe to visit Costa Rica?

    Costa Rica is a safe and quiet country and the kindness of the Ticos makes it much more pleasant to move around the area. But that doesn't mean you shouldn't take your precautions.

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  • What documents do I need to travel to Costa Rica?

    Your passport must be valid for six months after your arrival. In addition, you will need to show your flight ticket to leave the country.

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  • Do I need to be vaccinated to visit Costa Rica?

    Although there are no obligatory vaccinations to travel to Costa Rica, we recommend that you have some information and take some precautions.

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  • Do I need travel insurance?

    All our trips include a very complete medical travel and cancellation insurance..

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  • What is it like to travel with Rutas Costa Rica?

    Our trips are private, this allows us to customize the tours and get out of the established routes. That way we are not subject to any specific schedule and we can adjust to the preferences of each traveler.

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  • What can I do in Costa Rica?

    Costa Rica is a country that stands out for offering activities related to nature and wildlife, but a trip would not be complete without the possibility of interacting with their people. In Rutas we have excursions that introduce the traveler into the most traditional Costa Rica.

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