Although there are no mandatory vaccinations to travel to Costa Rica from Spain, it is recommended to have some information and take certain precautions. It is essential, for example, to have a good mosquito protector to avoid bites. Malaria barely exists in the country, but there have been some cases in areas of the province of Limon that are rarely frequented by travelers.

Use sun protection against the rays of tropics, and when walking through the forest and jungle wear clothes that cover the whole body: T-shirt and long pants. If you are going to spend several days in the middle of the jungle, consult your doctor about the recommended precautions.

In very rural areas, also make sure that your accommodation has (most likely) a mosquito net.

If we insist so much that you protect yourself from mosquito bites is also dengue, a disease present in some areas of Costa Rica that is transmitted by that insect. For it, there is no vaccine or preventive treatment, although the cases in which a traveler has contracted it are rare.

However, a dengue infection is relatively minor. Dengue is accompanied by fever, chills and headache, and can last up to ten days, the symptoms of which are present in the patient about 15 days after transmission by the mosquito. Complete recovery may take two or three weeks. To prevent this, you know what to do: spread your insect repellent well before dawn and after dusk.

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