How to pay in Costa Rica?

The Costa Rican national currency is the colón. To use a reference, keep in mind that 10,000 colones is equivalent to about 20 dollars, and 1000 is approximately 2. Payments in U.S. dollars are also accepted almost everywhere, better if they are made in small bills.

You can exchange euros at the National Banks of Costa Rica. In general, it is not recommended to make the exchange at the airport because you will clearly lose out. To check the value of each currency you can enter here .

You will find ATM machines to get cash in almost all destinations; in most cases you will get colones, but some entities, such as BAC San Jose, also allow you to get dollars. Not all ATMs can work with your credit or debit card so don't worry if one of them gives you some kind of error ...

The payment with credit card is admitted practically everywhere, and as much VISA as AMEX and Mastercard have wide acceptance.

Costa rica currency

Is it cheap to eat in Costa Rica?

Concerning the price of things it must be said that Costa Rica is not a particularly cheap country, and spending an average of 35 dollars on food per day and by person is perfectly normal. In restaurants you have to pay 13 % taxes and 10 % service costs, but these expenses are not always included in the menu prices and are added later to the invoice.

Tips are usually included in the restaurant bill, but an additional tip is always appreciated. It is usual to leave it in the tourist sector services, such as accommodation, drivers or guides.

Costa rica traveler expenses

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