Mobiles and telephones

Several mobile phone companies, including Kölbi, Claro and Movistar, are active in the country. The best coverage is offered by Kölbi, but it may not be too effective in the mountains or certain remote places. Getting a chip and a national mobile number is quite simple.

When you arrive in Costa Rica, our partner in San Jose will give you the travel documents and a mobile that you can use to contact us whenever you want: it is a classic mobile, valid only for calls and messages, with a SIM and a minimum credit. There are plenty of recharging points in all destinations, so that won't be a problem for you.


Most hotels in Costa Rica offer free wifi to their guests..

Post Offices

If you choose classic ways, a stamp to send a postcard to Europe will cost you 165 colones. The tico postal service is quite reliable and in hotels they can usually take care of your mail, although it's safest to take it to the post office nearest you.

In the main office, in the centre of San Jose, you can buy special stamps. It is located at 2, avenues 1 and 3.

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