What To Pack For Costa Rica

Take note of the things you can't forget:

  • light clothing that dries quickly
  • a raincoat
  • a sweatshirt
  • sandals
  • trecking shoes with well-fitting soles
  • a hat
  • swimwear
  • shoes that don't slip for rafting and other water sports
  • a waist bag
  • 7 x 24 binoculars
  • a flashlight
  • sun protection and mosquito repellent
  • adapter for the plugs (voltage in Costa Rica is 120)


how to prepare your luggage

About luggage on Fly Sansa and Nature Air domestic flights

Nature Air flights booked through Rutas:
The maximum checked luggage may not exceed 13 kg per passenger.
Hand luggage, maximum 4 kg per passenger
Fly Sansa flights booked through Rutas:
Maximum checked luggage may not exceed 14 kg per passenger.
Hand luggage, maximum 4 kg per passenger

Nature Air

Hand luggage

Any passenger may carry hand luggage as long as it does not exceed 4.54kg (10 pounds) in weight or linear dimensions of 84 centimeters (length + width + height) if it exceeds the weight or dimensions allowed by the fare the passenger purchased at the time of his reservation, it will be checked and will be considered and charged as excess luggage. Any type of medication that the passenger needs during their vacation must be carried in their hand luggage.

Checked Baggage

Every passenger is allowed to bring a luggage with a maximum size of 127 centimeters (length + width + height). Any baggage exceeding the stipulated maximum weight and size (according to the type of fee, see below) will be considered and checked as additional baggage or excess baggage.

Baggage of more than 27 kg or dimensions over and above those allowed will be subject to disponibility. Tariff class and authorized weight:

Type Checked Luggage Hand Luggage
Flex * 13 kg 4 kg
Promo 7 kg 4 kg
Locos 2 kg 4 kg

* This is the type of luggage we will book with Rutas Costa Rica

Excess luggage must be paid for at the airport before you travel. All luggage is subject to space availability . The following charges apply:

Extra Weight Charge
1-2 kg $ 15
3-5 kg $ 35
7-13 kg $ 60
14-27 kg $ 90

If you travel with oversized or heavy luggage (such as surfboards, golf clubs, fishing equipment among others) you must pay a penalty of $30USD per piece. However, for safety or operational conditions, this type of luggage may not be accepted for transportation on the flight, which is why it will be sent on the next available flight under the absolute responsibility of the passenger. In case of delayed luggage, the responsibility of the company is committed to deliver the luggage at the final destination of the passenger (up to 8 kilometers away from the airport).

Golf equipment, fishing, surfboards, bicycles and any other sports equipment not included in this list, as well as musical instruments and others, are subject to space at the airport at the time of check-in. Fees for these items are $30USD per piece for each flight.

Tortuguero and Punta Islita excess luggage will be charged roundtrip at the Pavas airport at the beginning of your trip, due to the fact that there are no staff to perform these charges.


Permitted Luggage Allowance

SANSA SANSA (flights operated at Cessna Grand Caravan): 1 piece with a maximum weight of 30 lbs./ 14kg of 45 inches / 114 cm. (length + height + width).

Hand Luggage

It is permitted to carry only one piece of hand luggage with a maximum weight of 10 pounds /4.5 kg of 20 pgl./ 50 cm (length + height + width).

In addition, each passenger may be carried in their cabin, under their custody and at no additional cost:

  1. Women's bag.
  2. Reading material
  3. Infant food to consume in the flight.
  4. Coat or blanket.
  5. Camera or binoculars.
  6. Laptop computer.
  7. In case of space limitations in the cabin, you may be required to document your luggage.

Excess Luggage Charge

It can only be transported by paying an additional fee for this concept. Overweight and additional pieces travel subject to the space available on the plane. For each additional pound a charge of $1 USD applies.

Sports Equipment

You may check sports equipment as part of your luggage allowance, if you check it as an extra piece (in addition to your luggage allowance) it may be subject to over dimension and/or overweight charges, as well as being subject to space availability. One item per passenger of the following sports equipment is allowed with a charge of 30 USD per way:

  • Fishing: 2 rods, 1 pair of boots and 1 net
  • Golf: 1 bag with up to 14 golf clubs (up to 62 inches), 1 pair of golf shoes, 12 balls (all secured inside the bag)
  • Diving: 1 air regulator, 2 rubber fins, 1 conventional harpoon, 1 mask, 1 rubber suit and 1 weight belt.
  • Archery: 1 bow and arrows, packed in a suitcase designed for this purpose.
  • Skiing: 1 pair of skis, 2 poles, boots and shoes.
  • Bicycles: 1 bicycle is accepted in its respective protective bag and subject to the availability of weight and space. Tires must be deflated for transportation.


Dimensions: Maximum length of 6.7 feet/2 mts.
Quantity: 1 Surfboard per passenger, per flight.
Charge: Charge per board is $30 USD per way.
Handling: Surfboards are not part of the free baggage allowance and are considered subject to space.

Useful tips when packing your surfboards:

  • The fins must be removed.
  • Clothing or other items are not allowed inside the package.
  • Damaged or tamper-resistant packaging is not accepted.
  • Damaged boards are not accepted.
  • It cannot be transported as part of your luggage:
    • 1. Windsurf boards
    • 2. Kayaks
    • 3. Surfboards that exceed 6.7 feet/2.0 meters in length.
    • 4. Diving Tanks

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