Where to stay in Costa Rica

It is common to believe that all Central American countries are economic destinations, but that is not applicable to Costa Rica. Although some things have low prices, many others cost practically the same as you are used to paying in your city.

Being a country maintained by tourism, it seems logical that it has a very developed infrastructure in the sector; so in the main destinations you will easily find fifty or even a hundred different lodging options. There are backpacker hostels, eco-lodges, tree cabins and surf camps, but also modern bungalows and luxury resorts. When it comes to accommodation any traveler will find what they are looking for.

Prices according to the type of accommodation

In terms of prices, we will give you some approximate references of what is usual for a significant tourist destination:


15-20 dollars for a bed in a shared room or $30-40 for a private room.

Cheap hotel:

50-75 dollars dollars for a single room, but clean and comfortable. For this price, you will normally have a private bathroom, air conditioning (with a little more price) and hot water to shower.

Mid-range hotel:

100-200 dollarss for a spacious and comfortable room, with air conditioning, hot water, television and wifi, in addition to an abundant breakfast and refrigerator and coffee maker in the room. The surroundings will have beautiful views, gardens and swimming pool.

High-range hotel:

from 250 dollars for a luxurious room with all the comforts. Some of these hotels are classic and big, with very spacious rooms, an infinity pool and ocean or jungle views. Others are boutique-style, with a small number of uniquely styled rooms, and take care of both comfort and style. At the best resorts, prices can exceed $500 per night.

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