Trip to Costa Rica and Miami for 12 days

Trip to Central America 12 days

Costa Rica and Miami

We would like to introduce you to a trip that is a perfect combination of Costa Rica and Miami. First of all, our trips are designed to submerge the traveler in the green landscape of Costa Rica with excursions that include beautiful hikes, rafting, canopy and boat trips. At the same time, we mix this adventure with a few days of sun and beach in Miami, a city full of different flavors, people from all over the world and gorgeous beaches.

Two countries, two worlds and many experiences that you can enjoy with our guides and our team of Rutas Costa Rica.

Trip Highlights:
  • Rafting on the Pacuare River
  • The Tortuguero Canals
  • Everglades National Park in Miami
Tour Price
$2.885 per person
Private Trip for 2 people

We are flexible with our trips, because you can adapt and customize them to your needs.
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  • Trip Outline

    Arrival in Costa Rica


    On your arrival at Juan Santa Maria International Airport, our partner will be waiting for you to welcome you and give you all the documentation of the trip that contains: the detailed itinerary, flights and a map of Costa Rica.
    Ivonne will go with you to the hotel and give you an introduction about Costa Rica. We will also give you two reusable water bottles.
    Night at Hampton Inn Suites 4****


    Puerto Viejo

    Today there is a flight San Jose - Limon. This flight departs at 6:30am from San Jose with a first 10 minute stop in Tortuguero, then, other passengers will also board at Tortuguero, continuing to Limon. Arriving at 7:30am
    At 5:30am, you would have to be at the Juan Santa María airport. For this transfer we will use the Hampton Inn bus that makes the tours with a frequency of about 15 minutes. At 5:10am there will be a call to the bus being you at the reception to pick you up and in 5 minutes you will be at the domestic airport.
    In Limon, our driver in the Caribbean will be waiting for you for the transfer to Congo Bongo which is in the area of Manzanillo. The journey from Limon to Manzanillo will take approximately one hour and 15 minutes.
    You will arrive approximately at 9:00am.
    Day off for you to start enjoying the Caribbean.
    Night at Congo Bongo Lodge (Dream Nature House)

    tour manzanillo


    Around 7:30am, our guide will be waiting for you to go to Manzanillo. Once there, a gentle two-hour hike through Manzanillo's wildlife reserve awaits you until you reach the beach shore. We will take a boat to transfer to the island of Punta Mona where we will be able to take a good splash. From Punta Mona we will take you by boat to Gandoca to explore the lake by canoe. Lunch is waiting for you in Gandoca.
    We return walking along the beach about 2Km back to Manzanillo where the driver will be waiting for the transfer to the hotel.
    It is a complete all-day tour and ends around 3:00pm. It has everything: hiking, animals in their habitat, canoeing... one of the most complete that can be done in Puerto Viejo.
    Night at Congo Bongo Lodge (Dream Nature House)


    rafting pacuare

    Difficulty: Class III-IV - Distances: 30 km - Number of rapids to cover: 38 - Approximate duration: 4 hours
    Around 6:00am, the Exploradores Outdoors members, will pick you up, will be back at the Lodge at 5:30am. It's an all-day adventure.
    The Pacuare tour is a perfect combination of adventure and exciting in nature.
    Pacuare is world famous for its beauty, a true river gorge, flanked by steep green walls. Immersed in the green, wild and natural and disconnected from urban life.
    The white water is equally exciting. It is not a very challenging river, but it has many rapids, so it offers you a full adventure with so much fun.
    We take you from Puerto Viejo to the riverside and equip you with vests, a helmet and an oar. There will be a safety orientation speech.
    The first 6km consist of fun class II-III rapids, which is the perfect time to test your new fluvial skills and gain confidence in your team. After about 40 minutes we will enter the famous Pacuare River Gorge which is 8 km from some of the best white waters in Costa Rica. The rapids here are "Serpiente Terciopelo", "Doble caída", "Huacas Superior e Inferior", "Pin ball"... among others. You will also see the Huacas waterfall, a dramatic 150 feet in the river.
    After the gorge, the rivers open to a stretch of 8 km in the Pacuare Valley, where the river has a different character. It is wide open, which gives you the opportunity to rest a little and take advantage of some wildlife watching. The main rapids here are "Cimarrones", "The Play Hole", "El Indio" and "Magnetic Rock". The forest is still exuberant and the rapids are just as fun.
    We end up in Siquirres, an Exploration Centre belonging to Exploradores Outdoors where you can take a shower, change, enjoy and relax in the gardens and terrace.
    Equipment for this day: bring light shoes and flip-flops, sunscreen, shorts, nylon t-shirt, water bottle, change of clothes, towel, insect repellent, money or credit card if you want to buy photos, souvenirs or drinks. All the backpacks will be protected in the lockers.
    Night at Congo Bongo Lodge (Dream Nature House)

    trotuguero national park tour


    8:00am. Today we transfer you back to Moin, near Limon. Our partner will join you to take the boat that will take you to Tortuguero. The transfer to Moin is approximately one and a half hours by car; from Moin to Tortuguero the boat takes three and a half hours. Departure at 10:00am, arrival in Tortuguero around 1:30pm.
    In Tortuguero you will be dropped off at the main pier and there the partners of Tortuguero Beach Lodge await you for the transfer to the Bungalows.
    In this part of Costa Rica there is Rafa who will show you the best of Tortuguero.
    He will visit you at the hotel and call you to schedule a turtle nesting tour.
    We will wait for you at the hotel, in the evening to see the turtle nesting. Pick up time will be around 7:30pm or 9:30pm. It depends on the number of excursions to see the turtles.
    Tortuguero Beach. Bungalow

    Tortuguero canals baot tour


    We've prepared a little different route for you. We start at 2:30pm with a walk along the canals until we reach a estate. On the estate there will be a nice walk and will also prepare something to dinner. We will return to Tortuguero when it is getting dark listening the sound of the jungle.
    It will be about two and a half hours touring of the Tortuguero National Park canals. Something unique that you will enjoy very much with our specialist guide.
    *** We don't know if we are going to be able to do this tour because they closed one of the canals and don't let you navigate at night.
    What is clear is that you are going to have the best excursion through the Tortuguero canals.
    We will specify the schedule as soon as we set the route with Rafael.
    Tortuguero Beach. Bungalow

    celeste river in arenal-la fortuna


    We take you to the airport by taxi boat.
    Your flight leaves at 12:45pm, arrival in the La Fortuna at 1:10pm.
    At La Fortuna airport our guide Andres will be waiting for you and will take you to see La Fortuna Waterfalls. You will not stop at the hotel because you will go directly to the waterfalls, this way you have time for lunch. Lunch can be enjoyed in the same complex of the waterfalls, there is a restaurant that has a little bit of everything.
    The waters of the Rio Fortuna and its small streams born in the mountains of the park, give life to the Rio Fortuna Waterfall.
    The descent to the Rio Fortuna Waterfall consists of 500 steps, through a recently remodeled trail, with rest areas. On your arrival, a spectacular 70-meter high waterfall awaits you where you can swim and enjoy (always with precaution).
    After the tour, Andres will join you in the transfer to the hotel and spend the night at the Observatory Lodge.
    Arenal Observatory Lodge 4**** (Standard Room)

    seeing sloths in Costa Rica tour

    DAY 8. LOOKING FOR SLOTHS (Breakfast)

    Today at 6:00am, our partners of Callydryas Tours await you for a route of exploration of wildlife in the area of the La Fortuna - Arenal.
    The Arenal area is well known for its diversity of wildlife and also for the 2 species of sloths: the two finger sloths and the three finger sloths. Other species most searched for their colors, unique characteristics and history are the multicolored toucan and the frog ¨blue Jeans". In the pursuit of these three beautiful animals, our expert guide will take you, along with other travelers, through the beautiful viewing areas of the La Fortuna, so you can be witnesses of more wildlife. Birds, iguanas and monkeys are some of the animals you will see.
    Night at Arenal Observatory Lodge 4**** (Standard Room)

    Arrival in Miami United States of America


    At the appointed time, after breakfast, we will transfer you to the airport so that you can take the flight to Miami.
    At the Miami airport, our driver will be waiting to take you to the hotel located in the heart of South Beach.
    Our Miami contact will welcome you and explain places to see and visit. Night at the Victor South Beach Hotel 4****

    Tour through Everglades in Miami


    This morning, we will take you to visit the Florida Everglades, one of the wildest places in the United States. It will be an hour's drive to get to the place where they will ride on the hovercraft with which You can explore the wetlands that make up this particular landscape. A landscape full of birds, crocodiles, caimans and also turtles. You will enjoy all this about an one hour by boat.
    It is a mid-morning excursion. We leave Miami around 10:00am and will be back in the city at 2.:00pm.
    Night at Victor South Beach Hotel 4****

    Miami beach

    DAY 11. DAY OFF (Breakfast)

    We give you the day off with documentation so that you can enjoy in Miami.
    Night at Victor South Beach Hotel 4****

    night in Miami


    At the scheduled time, our driver will pick you up at the hotel for transfer to the airport.

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  • Pricing of Trip to Costa Rica and Miami for 12 days

    $ 2.885.00 /Person Private Trip for 2 people


    • Certified guide for excursions in Tortuguero, Puerto Viejo and La Fortuna
    • Everglades tour shared with other travelers. Small group. Spanish-language guide
    • All transfers are in private, except the transfer to Moin and the transfer from Arenal lake.
    • The indicated meals. We will recommend you about some restaurants.
    • Entrance fees to all National Parks
    • Entrance fees for activities on horseback, canopy, bridges, thermal baths...
    • Domestic flight San Jose - Limon and Tortuguero - La Fortuna. San Jose - Miami
    • International Travel and Cancellation Insurance Consult coverages


    • International flights
    • Meals and beverages are not mentioned before
    • Domestic flight taxes (between 2 and 7 usd per person)
    • ESTA visa to enter the United States.

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