Does Monteverde Cloud Forest Limit the Number of Visitors Per Day?

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Does the Costa Rica Cloud Forest Reserve in Monteverde Limit the Number of Visitors Per Day?

Located in the mountain ranges of Costa Rica, Monteverde is a small town and a popular spot for ecotourism in the country. It is an amazing place to experience the cloud forest. Cloud forests offer a breathtaking view from above as the thin clouds below the canopy start to dissolve into water on the leaves, watering the plants.

Costa Rica Cloud Forest Reserve in Monteverde does have a limit of daily visitors. The limit is 450 visitors a day, however only 250 at a time. But you should keep in mind that all reserve regulations are subject to change without any notice.

Visit Monteverde to experience what this amazing country is all about: environmental preservation and incredible biodiversity. The following are some highlights:

Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve

The mysterious, foggy cloud forests are the best part of Monteverde. Since the climate is humid, you won’t see so much amazing nature anywhere else. It is recommended that you hike with an experienced guide so you can spot wildlife and explore the magnificent cloud forest up close. You can learn everything about the rainforest plants and natural surroundings. Don’t forget binoculars, hiking boots, and rain gear for the best experience.

Ecological Night Walks

Ecological night walks are a great way to see an entirely different world of wildlife and see a wide variety of mysterious animals that appear at night. You will walk with experienced guides who know where to go and what to see. Tarantulas, monkeys, snakes, sloths, and sleeping birds are just a few insects and animals you might see.

Santa Elena

Located at just about 5 kilometers from Santa Elena Cloud Forest Reserve, Santa Elena is a small community that offers the best of both worlds in budget as well as luxury accommodations. This small town is considered a haven for backpackers who frequent this area throughout the year. There are some basic amenities available in this area like bank, health center, post office, and supermarket.

Horseback Riding

This is another great way of discovering the cloud forest. Your guide will help you see the local wildlife while you are on horseback exploring the cloud forest. Such tours can last from a couple of hours to eight days and are ideal for people of all ages.


The following are some tips that will help make your experience more seamless and enjoyable:

  • It is recommended that you visit from January to May as these months have the best weather.
  • Arrive early because the reserves limit the number of visitors per day (mentioned above). You should arrive before 7 AM during the high season.
  • If you want convenient transportation, rent a car. But before renting it, make sure to inform the renting company that you plan on going to Monteverde.
  • Don’t forget waterproof shoes (e.g. hiking boots), proper rain gear, and binoculars.
  • It is highly recommended that you hike with a guide. This is because spotting wildlife in the cloud forest is not easy but an experienced guide will be able to help point it out.

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