5 activities you must do while on your Costa Rica trip

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5 activities you must do while on your Costa Rica trip

Costa Rica is the place to be, no matter whether you like adventure or simply want to relax. Once you arrive, you might want to fill your days with activities. There are only a few things you cannot do in Costa Rica. These include ice fishing, snowshoeing, skiing. Anything else you may want to do is available for you in this country.

The following are 5 activities you must do while on Costa Rica trip:

Start at the Beach

The playas of Costa Rica are well known for their variety. The beaches on the Pacific coast of the Nicoya peninsula attract surfers from around the world. The beaches on the sheltered side of the peninsula are a sun worshippers dream. They are also more family friendly. Just off the beaches, there are wide range of water sports e.g. kayaking, sailing, snorkeling, scuba diving, whale watching, etc. that can keep you busy for as long as you want.

Visit the Rainforest Paradise

Costa Rica offers wide variety of flora and fauna. From semi-arid cacti, to ancient rainforest giant trees, to exotic orchids, you can see some of the rarest and the most beautiful plants in the world. The sheer variety of life forms here can astonish even the most experienced zoologists. From the raucous monkeys, to colorful tropical songbirds, to exotic butterflies, you will see wildlife that will keep you coming back for more, no matter how frequently you visit Costa Rica.

Climb to the Top of the Mountain

The mountain tops in Costa Rica allow you to scan the horizons and look into the past. These mountains have observed the changes brought about by hurricanes, seen peaceful and warfare times, seen civilizations come and go, all while keeping silent watch over the landscape. You can share their vantage point on history and take a look into Costa Rica’s future from high atop a mountain.

Indoor Activities

If waterfalls, wildlife, and oceans don’t appeal you, Costa Rica also offers numerous indoor activities that will surely excite the tourist within you. Teatro Nacional is a tourist attraction that is a source of pride for this country since 1897. It is a one of a kind building and is available for guided tours. The Museo de Arte Costarricense is another huge tourist attraction known for its eye-catching designs and amazing works of art all made by local artists. You also have an opportunity to walk around the University of Costa Rica – the oldest and the biggest university in the country.

Enjoy Delicious Costa Rican Cuisine

After all the exotic adventuring and sightseeing, you may have worked up an appetite. Now it’s time to explore Costa Rica’s great dining options. There are numerous top places to eat in this country. The Restaurant la Terrasse is well known for its charming scenery and excellent wine and food options. Restaurante Grano De Oro is another great place to taste the cultural experience in San Jose. The menu features local options so you can taste the delicious Costa Rican cuisine.

Whether you are doing business in Costa Rica or visiting the region for pleasure, you are assured that you will have a unique, memorable travel experience.

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